007: NightFire Cheats – PS2

At the Secret Unlocks menu enter:

Effect Effect
PARTY All Multiplayer Characters
GAMEROOM All Multiplayer Scenarios
Q LAB All Q Gadgets
VOODOO Baron Samedi in Multiplayer
MAGAZINE Bigger Sniper Rifle Clip
BLACKTIE Bond Tux in Multiplayer
SHUTTER Camera Upgrade
NUCLEAR Christmas Jones in Multiplayer
SESAME Decryptor Upgrade
TNT Destruction Mode in Multiplayer
Number 1 Drake Suit in Multiplayer
BOOM Explosive Scenery in Multiplayer
PHOTON Faster Laser
TARGET Golden Gun
LIFTOFF Grapple Upgrade
DENTAL Jaws in Multiplayer
TEAMWORK King of the Hill mode
BLIMP Max Zorin in Multiplayer
BADGIRL Mayday in Multiplayer
MIDAS Multiplayer Goldfinger
BITSIZE Nick Nack in Multiplayer
BOWLER Oddjob in Multiplayer
GUARDIAN Protection Mode in Multiplayer
CIRCUS Pussy Galore in Multiplayer
HEADCASE Renard in Multiplayer
SCOPE Rifle Scope Upgrade
ASSASSIN Scaramanga in Multiplayer
PARTY Unlock all characters in multiplayer mode
Q LAB Unlock all gadget and weapon upgrades
PASSPORT Unlock all missions
GAMEROOM Unlock all scenarios in multiplayer mode
POWDER Unlock Alpine Escape
MELTDOWN Unlock Chain Reaction
BLASTOFF Unlock Countdown
VACUUM Unlock Equinox
BOOM Unlock explosive scenery envriomod in multiplayer mode scenarion options
AU P2K Unlock Golden PPK in Single Player
ORBIT Unlock Goldeneye Strike in Multiplayer
SLEEPY Update the Tranquilizer
P2000 Upgraded P2K
TRANSMIT Uplink Mode in Multiplayer
MARTIAL Wai Lin in Multiplayer
JANUS Xenia in Multiplayer

Contributed by: divad999, DeathStar2, Gfk!, DoomtrainM, tiamold, crapman, bcs4981, Pegboy, FoxHound Executive, beradicalman, gary88, Buckwheatz Revenge

  1. Driving Codes

    During the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration or Deep Descent levels, pause the game and enter these codes:

    Effect Effect
    Hold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle. Beserk Racing
    Hold L1. Press Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle. Bonus Race in Alps (Enemies Vanquished ONLY!)
    Hold L1. Press Square, Circle, Circle, Square. Display Motion Blur
    Hold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square. Double Armor
    Hold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle. Double Speed
    Hold L1. Press Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Drive an SUV. (Enemies Vanquished ONLY!)
    Hold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle. Frantic Racing
    Hold L1. Press Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle. Get Vehicle Armor
    Hold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square. Quadruple Armor
    Hold L1. Press Right, Right, Left, Left, Up. Shelby Cobra
    Hold L1. Press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle. Super Bullets
    Hold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square Triple Armor Cheat

    Contributed by: Pegboy, WillDay, Buckwheatz Revenge

  2. Unlock upgrades, weapons, and more!

    To get the item specified, get the medal specified on the level specified.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Bronze on Phoenix Fire Card: Alura
    Bronze in Equinox Card: Bond
    Bronze on Paris Prelude Card: Dominique
    Bronze in Countdown Card: Drake
    Bronze on Night Shift Card: Kiko
    Bronze on Double Cross Card: Mayhew
    Bronze on Alpine Escape Card: Military Snowmobile
    Bronze on Chain Reaction Card: Rook
    Bronze on Island Infiltration Card: Ultralight
    Bronze on Enemies Vanquished Card: Vanquish
    Bronze on Deep Descent Card: Vanquish Sub
    Bronze on The Exchange Card: Zoe
    Silver in Countdown Mode: Explosive Scenery
    Silver on Alpine Escape Scenario: Assassination
    Silver on Phoenix Fire Scenario: Demolition
    Silver in Equinox Scenario: Goldeneye Strike
    Silver on Island Infiltration Scenario: Protection
    Silver on Night Shift Scenario: Team King of the Hill
    Silver on Double Cross Scenario: Uplink
    Platinum on The Exchange Skin: Baron Samedi
    Platinum in Equinox Skin: Bond Spacesuit
    Platinum on Island Infiltration Skin: Bond Tuxedo
    Platinum on Night Shift Skin: Christmas Jones
    Platinum on Phoenix Fire Skin: Drake Suit
    Platinum on Deep Descent Skin: Electra King
    Platinum on Chain Reaction Skin: Goldfinger
    Silver on Paris Prelude Skin: Jaws
    Platinum on Alpine Escape Skin: Max Zorin
    Platinum on Enemies Vanquished Skin: May Day
    Platinum in Countdown Skin: Ms. Galore
    Silver on Deep Descent Skin: Nik Nak
    Silver on The Exchange Skin: Oddjob
    Platinum on Paris Prelude Skin: Renard
    Silver on Enemies Vanquished Skin: Scaramanga
    Silver on Chain Reaction Skin: Wai Lin
    Platinum on Double Cross Skin: Xenia
    Gold on Enemies Vanquished Upgrade: Camera
    Gold on Chain Reaction Upgrade: Dart Gun
    Gold on Deep Descent Upgrade: Decryptor
    Gold on Alpine Escape Upgrade: Grapple
    Gold in Countdown Upgrade: Laser
    Gold on The Exchange Upgrade: Pistol
    Gold on Night Shift Upgrade: Pistol
    Gold on Phoenix Fire Upgrade: Pistol
    Gold on Paris Prelude Upgrade: Racing Missile
    Gold on Double Cross Upgrade: Rifle
    Gold in Equinox Upgrade: Rifle
    Gold on Island Infiltration Upgrade: Stunner

    Contributed by: DeathStar2

  3. Unlockable Bonuses

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game on Operative difficulty. Kolwoon Type 80

    Contributed by: LiMpBiZkitFaN

  4. Unlock Passwords

    Select the Codenames option at the main menu and go to Secret Unlocks.

    Effect Effect
    PASSPORT Level Select
    TARGET Multiplayer Assassination Mode
    ZERO G Multiplayer Bond Spacesuit
    SLICK Multiplayer Elektra King

    Contributed by: jdub23, Pegboy

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