Combat Elite: WWII ParaTroopers Cheats – PS2

Cheat Codes

While in-game, hit start to pause the game, then, while holding down the R1 button, enter one of the following codes: (directions refer to the control pad) If you’ve entered it correctly, a description of the cheat will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Cheats that do not affect the player’s stats, such as invulnerability, will only remain active in the level they were entered in.

Effect Effect
Left,Up,Right,Down All skills max’ed
Up,Up,Down,Down Extra skill points
Up,Left,Triangle,Down Full Ammo
Down,Down,Up,Up Full Health
X,Circle,Left,Left,Right Health Limit Increased
Triangle,X,Square,Circle Invulnerability for the player
Triangle,Circle,X,Square Invulnerability for your allies
Down,Up,Triangle,Right Kill all the enemies in the level
Left,Right,Square,Circle Player gets a big gun
Up,Down,Left,Right,X Player gets all German weapons
Up,Down,Left,Right,Circle Player gets all UK weapons
Up,Down,Left,Right,Square Player gets all US weapons
Down,Down,Down,Down Rapid fire mode

Contributed by: plagioclase101


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