Dai Senryaku VII: Exceed Modern Military Tactics Cheats – PS2

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  1. Complete list of Unlockable Units

    Complete each of the tasks listed to unlock the specified units and maps in Free Play.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Mission 9 Assault Ship Foudre (France), SPH AU-F-2 (France), Hot and Cold map
    Beat Mission 19 Assault Ship Lun (Russia), Crimson Revolt map
    Beat Mission 5 Assault Ship Oosumi (Japan), Attack Heli AH-64 (Japan), Southern Defense Force map
    Beat Mission 18 Assault Ship Wasp (USA), Attack Heli OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (USA), Boa Strike map
    Beat Mission 6 ASW Heli Lynx Mk. 8 (UK), ASW Heli Super Lynx (Germany), Attack from the Deep map
    Beat Mission 11 Attack Heli 500MD Lahatut (Israel), MBT Merkava Mk. 4 (Israel), Hotsands Offensive map
    Beat Mission 12 Attack Heli AS 532UL Horizon (France), Sea Monster map
    Beat Mission 17 Attack Heli Ka-52 Alligator (Russia), Arctic Rescue map
    Beat Mission 15 Attack Heli VBH BO-105M (Germany), Show Shell map
    Beat Mission 20 Destroyer Type 45 (UK), VTOL F-35C (UK), VTOL F-35C (USA), Scarlet Breakout map
    Beat Mission 8 Destroyer Zumwalt (USA), Submarine Virginia (USA), Vermilion Keys map
    Beat Mission 4 Interceptor F-35B (USA), Merchant Defense map
    Beat Mission 7 Light Tank Type 99 LAT (China), Forest Stronghold map
    Beat Mission 3 MBT Leopard 2A6 (Germany), Crescent Bridge map
    Beat Mission 2 MBT Type 69 (China), APC WZ551 (China), Capturing Facilities map
    Beat Mission 10 Multi-role F-35A (USA), Attack FB-22 (USA), Border Dispute map
    Beat Mission 13 Recon Vehicle LAV (Japan), Lost World map
    Beat Mission 16 Recon Vehicle VBL (France), Search for Hope map
    Beat Mission 1 Recruit Training map in Free Play
    Beat Mission 14 Tank Destroyer 2S25 Sprut-SD (Russia), Black Gold map
    Beat Mission 21 Tank Destroyer Wiesel 1- TOW (Germany), Aim for Power map

    Contributed by: jvgfanatic

  2. Pushbutton Codes

    Enter these codes deliberately, not too fast, not too slow at the menu screen. If done correctly you’ll hear something and see a message at the bottom of the screen.

    Effect Effect
    L R L (R2) (L2) (R2) (L2) L L R R Square Turn of Fog Of War (See all units)
    L L L (L2) (R2) (R2) (R2) L R L Square Unlock all Free Play maps

    Contributed by: jvgfanatic

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