Android Studio Game Dev Tutorial – Develop Roulette Game in Android Studio!

Video shows you how to make simple Roulette game for Android.

It may be a little hard to understand the part where I set the ranges of the numbers but I’ll try to explain. The roulette has 37 sectors. The whole circle is 360 degrees. That makes 360 / 37 = 9.72 degrees each of the sectors. The first sector (number 32 red) starts from half the previous sector (number 0) and is 9.72 degrees. That means it starts from 9.72 / 2 = 4.86 and ends in 4.86 + 9.72 = 14.58 degrees. In other hand 14.58 equals 3 times 4.86. So i pick half the sector 4.86 as a FACTOR. Based on this factor we calculate all the sectors. The first one as we said is from FACTOR to FACTOR * 3. Second sector (number 15 black) is from FACTOR * 3 to FACTOR * 5. And this continues for all of the sectors. Only the sector 0 is a little bit different. It starts from 360 degrees minus FACTOR and ends with 0 degrees + FACTOR. You can see all the sectors in the video.

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