Deployment to Android Device Solutions After Roll A Ball Tutorial

If you followed the tutorial and have deployment issues to your Android device here are the two things I did to get it up and running on my phone, though the controls do not work because we did not put any tilt or touch code only keys.

1. Download an older version of the jdk, I’m using jdk 8 from the oracle site link to the page here:

2. Directions that I followed below for the Android Studio Sdk and a link to the page, it’s the answer given by augmentedVR:

This is how you do it:

Go to your Android SDK Folder. (If you did not change the path during Android Studio installation you will find the SDK folder here: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Android\sdk )

Rename the old Android sdk “Tool” folder : [Your Android SDK root]/tools -> toolsXXXX

Download Android SDK Tools, Revision 25.2.5 (January 2017):

Extract that to Android SDK root folder.

In Unity go to Edit>Preferences>External Tools and check again, that the path for Android SDK points to the correct folder. (The correct path is the SDK root folder, not the tools folder which is inside the root folder!)

Build your project.

Worked fine for me!

Here some other guys who found the solution too:

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